Q:  How do I get reimbursed for books?

A:  Approved TAP-TAM sites can submit the online form for reimbursement. For accuracy when being reimbursed, please use the Online Book Payment Form.

Online Payment Form

PDF payment form for faxing, Please only use if unable to use the online form.

Book Payment Form

Q:  Where can I find good books for boys?

A:  The website www.allaboutbooks.org has several books that would interest boys in their catalog including:
page 2 – Things That Go Board Books
page 33 – I Love…Paperbacks (I love animals, dinosaurs, the farm, trucks, etc.)
page 41 – Amazing Machines Collection (Amazing Airplanes, Tremendous Tractors, Terrific Trains)

Q:  What books do you recommend for children with visual or physical impairments?

A:  The Kansas Talking Books program, part of the Kansas State Library, provides materials to qualifying Kansans with visual or physical impairments at no cost.  Visit their website for more information: http://www.kslib.info/talking-books.html

Q:  What books can I order that promote good behaviors?

A:  On the All About Books website, www.allaboutbooks.org you will find:
Mercer Mayer’s Little Critter Collection, page 34
Helping Hands, page 29
Berenstain Bears Collection, page 36

In the Scholastic Store:
How Do Dinosaurs Clean Their Rooms?  AGT964950
How Do Dinosaurs Say Good Night?  AGT31682

Q:  How can we promote literacy in our community?

A:  Visit your local library to learn more about the statewide 6 by 6 program and encourage families to visit the library.  Contact local churches, schools, clubs including boy scouts and girl scouts to let them know that you are promoting literacy at your practice and see if they will help you collect gently used books to give out.  If you have more books that you need, then donate some to a shelter or Head Start program in your community.

Use your website and social media to promote daily reading, and what you are doing with Turn a Page. Touch a Mind.® (TAP-TAM).

KPF staff can provide you with a press release about TAP-TAM.

Q:  How can I get more TAP-TAM promotional materials?

A:  Contact Amy Trollinger at amy.trollinger@kansasaap.org if you need additional posters, bookmarks or book stickers.

Q:  Can we include older children in the program?

A:  Only children who are newborns and up to 5 years old are eligible to receive the new books at well-check visits that TAP-TAM provides.  If you would like to continue to give books to children older than 5, then we recommend collecting gently used books to give to older children.  Working with local schools, churches, and clubs to collect books is a good way to get started with a used book program.  Contact Michelle at michelle.horst@kansasaap.org if you have questions about gently used books.

Q:  Do you have any informational flyers to give to parents about the benefits of reading to children?

A:  Yes, many studies have shown that reading daily with a young child improves vocabulary, language, and  school readiness.
Download reading handout here.

More questions?  Contact Michelle at michelle.horst@kansasaap.org