Kansas Kids Fund

After the rapid growth and impact that Turn a canstockphoto9561382Page. Touch a Mind.® has had in Kansas, Kansas Pediatric Foundation (KPF) was ready to do even more for the children in our state. The Kansas Kids Fund was established in 2014 by the KPF Board of Directors. This new fund was created so that KPF would have the resources to expand to include additional programs that promote the health of children in Kansas.

The Kansas Kids Fund will support programs in the areas of child health including the Pediatricians in Action grants for innovative solutions across the state. These are unrestricted funds that the Board of Directors will decide how to use to promote child health as the funding is available.

Please consider contributing to the Kansas Kids Fund so that the Kansas Pediatric Foundation can expand on the work we are doing for Kansas kids far into the future.

Click here to donate to the Kansas Kids Fund now!

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