Why Do TAP-TAM Providers Love Giving Books?

There have been many studies done that show the impact of a child’s medical provider giving them a new book and encouraging families to read together each day. Families that participate in programs like TAP-TAM have more books in their homes and read together more often. Children who grow up being read to start school with an increased vocabulary and ready to learn to read.

The 425 TAP-TAM medical providers who give books each day know all of the data that shows why they give books, but when you ask them why they love TAP-TAM they often tell us it’s about the moment when they give the book. They talk about seeing a child light up and get excited to read their new book, and how they know in that moment that they are making a difference.

Your gift to the Kansas Pediatric Foundation will help us put more books into the hands of Kansas kids in 2016!

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