Introducing Finding My Way Books

Finding My Way Books is a young Kansas based publishing company.  We have just been added as a publishing resource for the ‘Turn a Page, Touch a Mind’ program.  We are very grateful for this opportunity and would like to introduce ourselves to you.

We are three women who came together to create children’s books sharing true stories of children growing up with special needs. We have combined our professional experience in special education, general education, Occupational Therapy, and photography to present these stories of children through delightful photographs and with the voice of the child.

We are passionate about helping families promote skills needed for the development of self-determination and inclusion. Self-determination includes skills such self-awareness, self-esteem, engagement, decision-making, problem solving and the ability to set and attain goals. Every child needs these skills to become a happy, successful adult.

We want our books to help families gain the understanding that the choices they offer their children lead to the discovery of their child’s interests, and then to the realization of their child’s abilities.

Our goal is for families raising a child with special needs to see their child in beautiful books within their communities. This will give the message to these parents, who are often struggling, that their child is valued and we celebrate the difference they make in all of our lives.

Please visit our website to learn more about us.

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