Prevent the Summer Slide

As soon as summer hits routines go out the window for long afternoons at the pool and canstockphoto1904172late bedtimes. Your school year nightly reading routine may be a real struggle to stick with this time of year! It’s common for kids to lose some of the reading progress made during the school year during the summer months for this reason. Kids just don’t seem to read as much in the summer.

What can you do? Make a plan now for how you are going to fit reading into your daily routine this summer. Maybe bedtime is too hard, so after breakfast or lunch will work better.

Visit your local library! They probably have a summer reading program and will have incentives for your child to read. Spending time at the library is a free and fun activity that will have lots of benefits for your kids.

Planning a trip? Find books or travel guides about where you are going and read them together. Remember to have fun reading with your kids!

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